What I Do

I may not be the largest consultancy but…

…I’ve worked with many different companies and organisations, from international corporations and government departments to local start-ups.  Most of my client base is in the UK, but I also have clients based in the USA, Poland and Sweden.

No matter who the client is, my aim is to provide the best possible communications strategy which fulfils their business or commercial objectives, but without the costly overheads.  But you still get the benefits of over 25 years’ experience in PR and communications.

I work on a fee or a project basis and can work remotely from my office, or become part of an existing team on site.

Depending on objectives, assignments can integrate any of these services:


If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know if you get there?  Knowing who your key targets are, and how best to communicate with them is crucial.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Today’s media landscape is very complex.  There are many different channels of communication, routes to market and ways to ‘make yourself heard’.  Now-a-days, managing your reputation and selling products and services can be a bit of a minefield.  The key is to find the best mix of tactics to fulfil your objectives and budget, whether it’s exposure through print or digital media, e-marketing, media buying or printed literature.  

Press and Public Relations:

Public Relations is one area that has become increasingly complex, faster and more interactive.  For more go here

Content and Copywriting

We can all write a sentence.  But is that sentence working for you?  Is it saying what you really want to say – not what you think it says?  For more go here

Creative Input

I’m not a designer, but I work closely with them.  I steer the overall communication and they do the clever graphics.  By collaborating this way you can be sure your brand values are making themselves understood in the most effective way possible.  What’s the point in having a logo designed if it doesn’t communicate what you want it to?


I don’t build websites.  Instead, I get skilled web technicians to do that.  However, I often project-manage website development and write engaging content, while ensuring consistency of branding and key marketing messages. The best websites are built with a combination of technical and marketing expertise. You really can’t have one without the other.


“Sally has successful increased the value and effectiveness of our media campaigns.  Her writing skills and creative input have also been extremely beneficial.  We especially appreciate her professionalism and personal attention to our account.  Working with Sally has helped to remove an extremely time-consuming burden from our in-house team.”

David Enders
Manager, Corporate Advertising
Nu-Meat Technology Inc, NJ, USA

Masterson Media, Ormesbank House, Hillview Road, Ormiston, Edinburgh. East Lothian EH35 5HW
T/F: 01875 615007 M: 078 998 12254 E: sally@mastersonmedia.co.uk